Hooray ! I am so happy you're taking this step to heal your gut.

As a health coach, I’ve worked with women for a variety of reasons, but the one thing 100% had have in common is some sort of digestive issue... namely constipation.

Who has time to carry around old sh*t - literally and figuratively - when there is so much LIVING to do ?

For many years I struggled with anxiety and chronic constipation - no coincidences with that combo ! There is nothing worse than feeling weighed down by carrying around toxic thoughts & waste inside our mind + body. It's a total spirit-crusher and robs us of joy, vitality, and passion for life.

Through a dozen years of experimenting with everything under the stars sun & moon, countless dietary protocols, and healing modalities from coffee enemas to acupuncture and everything in between, I discovered what actually works to truly begin healing the gut on a cellular level. It's not what I expected...

A healthy gut is KEY to a happy life. There's no way around it. I've put together my top 5 steps to begin your gut healing journey. Excited to share these golden nuggets with you ! Just enter your name + email below.

Heaps of love, xoDorry