how to alleviate constipation with watermelon

how to alleviate constipation

how to alleviate constipation

I arrived in Bali for a 🌧 winter escape on #nationalwatermelonday

grateful for the gifts, Mama earth πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒ

then: I remember eating carefully sliced watermelon from a platter on the 4th of July in Texas summer heat.

now: I eat watermelon almost every morning toΒ #breakthefast. πŸ˜› I cut a whole one in half & dig in with a spoon. if I’m lucky to have a perfectly juicy one, I eat the other half, too.

why watermelon ?

πŸ‰ hydrates on a cellular level (water alone cannot do this)

πŸ‰ prevents heat exhaustion

πŸ‰ lycopene (gives the red color) lowers cholesterol & risk of heart disease

πŸ‰ alkalizes & detoxes waste from the body

πŸ‰ antioxidant-rich (esp. vitamin C)

πŸ‰ boosts immune system

πŸ‰ high water + fiber content to alleviate constipation

πŸ‰ potassium supports nervous system

πŸ‰ amino acids for anti-inflammatory benefits & quick recovery after working out

seeing a theme here with the magical healing powers of fruit ?? nature knows what we need & provides. πŸ™ŒπŸΌβ˜€οΈπŸŒ±

watermelon is best eaten alone as it digests faster than any other food (including other fruits), so eat melon on an empty stomach… in the morning… it will give you life !

if you struggle with how to alleviate constipation or other digestive issues, click here to let that sh*t go !

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