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new noseWhat if I told you that your relationship with food has nothing to do with food?

When I was in the throes of my restrictive eating disorder, packaged in a perfect guise of long distance running and a case of sensitive digestion, I wouldn’t have believed it. My thoughts were consumed with what, when, and how much food I would allow myself to eat on any given day.

And yes, I was miserable! Read on...

At 25, I thought I had it mastered: 2 cups of black coffee for breakfast at the office, three ounces of deli turkey and celery sticks for lunch, and an apple for an afternoon snack. Ever the social butterfly, our group dinners were typically ordered family style, which meant I sipped on a cocktail during apps and was never responsible for finishing a full entrée. A shot of patron? No problem. A bite of sweet potato puree under the fish special? No chance in hell.

Ah, the illusion of control!

Be who you needed when you were younger. 

As young as age 11, I was struggling with a desperate desire to control my surroundings – a common catalyst for an eating disorder. What I didn’t understand at the time is that my thoughts and actions were driven by anxiety, fear, and deep insecurity. I was trapped in a prison of perfection where no matter what I did – in my mind – I was never good enough. 

I started restricting food in college. It was a way for me to control something in my life when everything else seemed out of control. This eating (or lack of eating) pattern showed up throughout my 20s when life's circumstances became too overwhelming for me to deal in healthy, balanced way. Although it certainly appeared to a bystander (or my concerned friends and family), my ongoing fight with food had absolutely nothing to do with the food itself. I was trapped in a dungeon of despair - exhausted and depleted. Sound familiar?

160405_dor_0310There are countless justifications we create in our minds as to why we do the things we do – but the bottom line is that a dysfunctional relationship with food starts because we don’t think we’re good enough just as we are. We don’t know, or truly accept, that we are deserving of love – first and foremost – love from ourselves!

As I started loving myself more, I attracted people and opportunities into my life that were in direct alignment with my passions for nutrition, wellness, and yoga, which then connected the dots to my social media career. I worked for companies like lululemon athletica and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I became a Board Certified Health Coach.

Yoga + meditation played a huge role in my healing process and I completed a 200-hour training in 2015. I love working with clients one-on-one and leading retreats.

Through fertility challenges and a miscarriage, I began to question everything in my life and continued to search for answers, trusting that there was a way to live with more joy, vitality, and ease. And let me tell you – it wasn't eliminating gluten or dairy from my diet that healed my thyroid, balanced my hormones, and got me where I am today, which is healthier than I've ever been, openhearted, and empowered. Although nutrition absolutely plays an enormous role in our overall health and wellness, there's much more than meets the eye. 

I'm living with more courage, freedom, and flexibility than I knew was possible, and I want to share the transformative information I have with YOU!

It’s from the heart that we connect, heal, and thrive. 

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