My Story

There are gifts to be found on every step of our path, but I didn't have that sentiment when I was deep in the throes of restrictive eating, seeking external validation at every turn, and desperately trying to control my surroundings (yikes!). I wholeheartedly believe that the most valuable way we can contribute to the good of the world is to take what we've learned on our unique journey and share it with others.

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Nutrition School

I was on the Social Media team at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, during which time I completed the life-changing Health Coach Training Program. Becoming a Board Certified Health Coach has allowed me immense freedom and flexibility in all areas of my life, including the ability to work from anywhere! Check out the Curriculum Guide or click below to contact me directly.

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Work With Me

In the past decade, I've combined my passions for healthy living, wellness, nutrition, and yoga with my social media career. What does that look like? It can change from month to month, especially for a nomad! From one-on-one nutrition counseling to building a social media strategy for your small business, my approach to every client relationship is as unique as the people I work with.

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